Welcome to Your ACS Employee Back Office

Nick DreeszenHi TeamACS. It’s Nicholas Dreeszen here…  But you can call me Nick.

Welcome to Your ACS Employee Back Office.  Be sure to look around and get familiar with this page because going forward, this is the nerve center of ACS – Affordable Cleaning Services.

You’ll be here often interacting with ACS.  My primary goal is to put everything needed to run the company effectively right here on this site.  And of course, I want it to be easier and better for you too.

Our job is to help make you look good.  You’ll find everything you need on this site to do your job effectively.  Don’t be shy about asking for anything you need to do your job better.  ACS wants to make it easy to do your best.

Your job is to “Help Busy People Get More Out of Life” by doing your best work for them.  When you are successful, our customers are happy, our company grows, you have job security, and ACS will be there to help you achieve what you want out of life.

Working together as TeamACS,  we can become the Affordable Cleaning Services leader in Eastern Iowa and beyond.   I have big plans… a vision for our company.  You’re a vital part of it all.   Let’s grow.

I’m always open to your comments or feedback.

Stay Clean My Dear Friends.